Sweden Travel

Aug 18-21, 2024

We look forward to welcoming you to our venue at the xxx in Uppsala, Sweden.


The Stockholm International Airport is most convenient, and trains take you to nearby Uppsala.

Select hotels in Uppsala have offered a group discount rate for your convenience

Or you can find your own accommodations:

Tours and Fun Excursions

 Large hotels will also have tour brochures and concierge desks to book to coordinate pick up from your hotel.

Transfers, Rail, Taxi, and other helpful links

Airport Transfers: By Taxi or by train direct from the airport. Ticket stands are nearby when you walk outside the airport.; Public transportation is very safe.

Helpful links to bookmark (hover or click on each below) :

-TAXI and Uber

-Local Trains 

-Uber Eats food delivery for the jet lagged

Join us for the ISPCAN International Congress