Pragathi Tummala | Chief Executive Officer

As a 20 year public health veteran and mom of 3 daughters, working for ISPCAN has been a labor of love. I get to meet wonderful people all over the world, whose passion for children is so inspiring. Prevention is my focus and my goal is to make ISPCAN work better for members every single day.  Making sure that we find great partners, bring value to our members, and grow ISPCAN while we advance data driven solutions is key.  Improving global systems of care in a sustainable, practical way is a priority for me. Child abuse is 100% preventable, and it will take all of us to change the world.  I know we can move the needle when we come together.

Holly Malcolm | Memberships + Marketing

Providing customer service to our global members and partners, while spreading our messages to the public is integral to my work.  You matter to us, and we are proud to be able to make your daily work a little easier, and recognize your efforts in research and practice. Our country partners and members become an extension of ISPCAN so we can do even more together.  As a mom of twins, I have so much respect for our members who work hard to improve the mental health and trauma that children and families are facing in these challenging times.  

Jane Estes | Knowledge + Development

Bringing member resources to the global stage and creating a community of learning is so rewarding.  As a mother of four, I wish for every child to have the opportunity to grow up happy and free to just be a kid. Everyone working in child protection has knowledge, challenges and experience to share outside of their discipline. Collaboration and lessons learned prevent burnout and improve outcome for children.  We have the opportunity to look across silos and work smarter, together so children and families have better outcomes.

Dana McDermott | Congress Organizer

Hosting congresses in every region of the world allows our safety net of child protection to grow one city at a time across the world as we build stronger regional networks.  For my two boys and all the children everywhere, I am proud to do this work for ISPCAN.  We help build innovative spaces for people from every country to talk. ISPCAN members have an opportunity to share their research, best practice, see another system of care, and meet others who can relate to their work challenges. I love building in wellness and social networking to allow our dedicated members to also recharge.


Sharon Want

Non profit Attorney

Caplin & Drysdale, LLC


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Accounting Department for Nonprofits (ADNP)


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Hinkle & Company

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