ISPCAN’s International Partners, Country Partners and Members around the world are taking action through the Month of November providing activism and support for professionals in all disciplines and in all countries through educational webinars and powerful resources such as tools, research, infographics and more. Children around the world are being harmed daily and we need more resources, tools, activism, and loud voices to end this now. It must stop!

The month of November is a time to bring together global leaders, experts, professionals, children, young people, parents, and policy makers from a range of disciplines in legal, medical, social work, mental health, education, research, public health, NGO, governmental, sports and religious sectors, among others. It is crucial that we share knowledge, tools, resources and connect with like-minded professionals. We can’t do it alone! It must be a global effort.

We have a multidisciplinary and global range of passionate, caring, intelligent and informed voices that we have cultivated for over 46 years, and we are calling on the prevention of child abuse. We must stop it before it occurs.

Let’s Rise Up to End Child Abuse by collaborating, creating policy, creating campaigns, coming up with new ideas, creating working groups and aligning systems and resources to provide children and families safe and supportive spaces. November can be the start to make this happen. Protect our children, protect our future. We invite you to join us in sharing your knowledge, resources, and tools. We encourage connection, sharing, learning, and joining forces.


November Campaign Action Items

ISPCAN Campaigns are a great way for members and other multidisciplinary professionals working to end violence and neglect of children to come together and raise awareness, improve community health and prevent child abuse. 

Any person can partner with us, along with our country partners, and members to address both global and regional issues. Collectively our voice can be much louder, and we have the opportunity to share the latest data, treatments, prevention tools, raise challenges, and share best practices.

EVERYONE can do something to help protect children.

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