ISPCAN’s Country Partners are multidisciplinary organizations or non-profits within a city, country or region who focus and work in child abuse and neglect (CAN) prevention. The goal is to share experiences, knowledge, research, and resources across all regions in an endeavor to strengthen efforts at local, national, and regional levels to end child maltreatment. We believe that effective and sustainable CAN prevention is achieved through education and professional cooperation. See country partners by region on ISPCAN regional pages.

Program Benefits

Special Affiliation with ISPCAN
Promotion of your organization and events by ISPCAN to our Global Audience via email, Social Media and Newsletters
Recognition on our website, in our Annual Report, and other publications
Access to the ISPCAN Country Partner Logo
Priority opportunities for ISPCAN Congress co-sponsorship
Free booth at our ISPCAN Congresses
Special Community of learning with other Country Partners
Subscription to Child Abuse & Neglect: The International Journal
Opportunities to showcase your programs in our newsletter, webinars, and circles of connecting.
Contribute content to World Perspectives on Child Abuse and other ISPCAN publications
Opportunity to lead trainings, webinars, circles of connecting, working groups in your region

How to Apply

Any multidisciplinary organization working in child abuse and neglect (CAN) prevention in any country may seek to become a Country Partner of ISPCAN.

We are open to multiple organization from city, state, or county level organizations (does not have to be national in scope).

Upon completion of the application there will be a review period. If there are questions on the application, an organization may be asked to supply additional information. After the review period you will be notified via email to discuss next steps.


  1. Complete application 
  2. Choose type of Country Partner Membership:
  • High-Income Countries – $250 US/yr
  • Low/Middle Income Countries – $100 US/yr

3. Commit to a 3 year partnership.
4. Agree to the terms: Commit to enforce a Code of Conduct, Diversity & Inclusion and the ISPCAN Child Safeguarding Policies

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” ― Helen Keller

Multidisciplinary Team Awards

Country partners are eligible to apply each year to win outstanding team award and be recognized on the global stage at our annual congress. Win one year of ISPCAN country partner annual membership.  Apply by sharing your annual report and be active partners with ISPCAN on webinars, prevention campaigns, resource sharing and any other ideas you have. 

Partnership Opportunities

Shine a light on your region: contribute webinars and
resource sharing

Special Country partner forums to share challenges & solutions

Unite with ISPCAN in our global Public Health
prevention campaign

Edinburgh Congress free booth and networking

Country Partner Application

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