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ISPCAN is a global membership organization for anyone working or interested in the protection of child rights. Wherever children live, learn and play under the care of adults are opportunities for intervention and prevention. We equip multidisciplinary professionals with tools and resources to build better systems of care, improving quality of life for children in every region of the world.

Together with our members and partners we deliver:

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Webinar - Journal Special Issue on Indigenous Youth Wellbeing- Risk & Resilience

This webinar focuses on the research surrounding Indigenous children who have unique strengths and resilience, despite facing a wide range of structural and systemic risks such as poverty, health inequities, lower food security, lack of access to services, to water and land.  As a result of racial bias and inequality, Indigenous children are also over-represented in the child welfare system – which often leads to a loss of cultural identity – and their views and voices are not sufficiently considered.

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This 90-minute virtual session will bring together cross-disciplinary practitioners and researchers globally to discuss how to publish in our new practice-based journal. Presented by the Editors for this journal Dr. Christine Wekerle and Dr. Catherine Maternowska

Journal Club: How to Publish in the ISPCAN Child Protection and Practice Journal

The presentation provided space for interactive discussions with participants.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Help set potential new authors (and/or practitioners and NGO’s) up for success by going through the basic submission guidelines for this new journal noting that many are not academics and have not been published before.
  • Identify types of contributions including; research articles, review articles, discussion articles, practice perspective articles, practice insight case studies and case-oriented book reviews.  
  • Walk through submission checklist identifying support opportunities for those new to academic publishing. 
  • Discuss the issues of moving from a published report on a website or elsewhere and the right type of academic submission

ISPCAN Webinar: Child Safeguarding Online - Addressing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Risks

Learning Objectives: 

  • To gain knowledge and practical strategies to safeguard children from the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) in the online world
  • To gain insights into the potential challenges and learn about protective measures
  • To discover how to foster a safe online environment for children in the fast-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence

ISPCAN, in partnership with Child Safe Middle East, presented this 90-minute virtual session that addressed the immense challenges of safeguarding children in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Our goal for this session was to reach as many professionals, practitioners, organizations, community leaders, social workers, teachers and parents as possible with specific ways that we can address this critical topic. Listen to an interactive Q&A session with our featured presenter Maryam Ehsani.

New, open access practice journal launched. Author fees for this journal are waived through June 30, 2024. Lifetime 10% author discount for ISPCAN members.
High Impact factor multidisciplinary child abuse and neglect research. Traditional publication with free online access for standard members.
"ISPCAN has helped me open up my mind to new ways to work better with other disciplines, and it has energized me when I felt so alone and discouraged. I have met so many wonderful people who understand and who I can share what is working in my country and learn what is working in theirs."
from Uganda

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