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ISPCAN Journal Special Issue: 30 Years of the UNCRC: Challenges and Progress in Harm Prevention


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40 years CRC, 45 Years ISPCAN • ISPCAN in history - and history making - and geography - networking and skill building, through regions and cultures, in themes and sectors • Knowledge: Research and data • Legal backbone: legal frames and policy making; Int’l conventions and principles; • Systems: capacity and systems’ building; statements and conferences; national and global efforts; success stories and fails; science and societes; child rights and public health; sectors and teams; • Societal structures: advocacy and helpers; children and families; GVB and discrimination; vulnerabilities and risk factors; updates and emergent issues; Youth and civil society; cultures and faith; stable and fragile contexts; • Technical skills: professionnal platforms and procedures; cross-disciplinarity and multi-agency; • Targets: prevention and protection;

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Journal Club Date:

September 1, 2021




ISPCAN Journal Special Issue: 30 Years of the UNCRC: Challenges and Progress in Harm Prevention

Featured Journal Articles:

Child maltreatment data: A summary of progress, prospects and challenges John D. Fluke, Lil Tonmyr, Jenny Gray, Leonor Bettencourt Rodrigues, ... Leemoy Weaver
Norms and values: Faith-based advances in child protection Ernie Allen
Vulnerabilities of Syrian refugee children in Turkey and actions taken for the prevention and management in terms of health and wellbeing Ecem Sahin, Tolga E. Dagli, Ceren Acarturk, Figen Sahin Dagli
Ending violence against children: What can global agencies do in partnership Shanti Raman, Tufail Muhammad, Jeffrey Goldhagen, Rajeev Seth, ... Bernard Gerbaka
Professional team response to violence against children: From experts to teamwork Naeem Zafar, Mehek Naeem, Andleeb Zehra
Some challenges in child abuse prevention in a middle income country: the Brazilian perspective Lucia C.A. Williams, Viviane Dutra Gama, Ricardo P. Oliveira, Sabrina Mazo D’Affonseca
How can services be improved to effectively address the mental health of vulnerable children and young people? Victoria Lidchi, Andy Wiener
Understanding youth participation to volunteer for child rights Mehek Naeem, Andleeb Zehra, Naeem Zafar, Waseem Akram, Salman Ghani
Human capital and child protection: A research framework in the CRC context Fred Wulczyn, Arno Parolini, Scott Huhr
Readiness assessment for implementation of a large scale child maltreatment prevention program in Qatar Khalid Alansari, Zamzam Saleh Al Hammadi, Nadeem Jilani, Heather Vaux, ... Maha Almuneef
Children’s exposure to trafficking, sexual exploitation and community-based violence in Canada Melissa Kimber, Ayda Ferdossifard
The value of a modular, multi-focal, therapeutic approach to addressing child maltreatment: Hope for children and Families Intervention Resources Arnon Bentovim, Bruce F. Chorpita, Eric L. Daleiden, Jenny Gray, ... Eileen Vizard
Technology assisted CSA: Professionals’ perceptions of risk and impact on children and young people Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis, Elly Hanson, Helen Whittle, Filipa Alves-Costa, ... Anthony Beech
Trauma-informed care as a rights-based “standard of care”: A critical review M. Bargeman, S. Smith, C. Wekerle

Learning Objectives:

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